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Dining Tables

Dining tables for dining room

The dining table is where families gather

Enhance your dining room with our up-to-date dining furniture. Dining tables from OBUZI express quality, elegance, durability, functional and fresh designs that will give your dining room edge and character.

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Quality Dining room furniture made from natural solid wood

The dining table sets the stage for family gatherings, dinner parties and entertainment in your home. Decorate your dining room with a great OBUZI dining table made from natural solid wood and combine it, as an example, with dining chairs on one side of the table and a dining bench on the other side of the table. The natural structure and warm tones of solid wood enrich the space with cozy and welcoming atmosphere.


Dining tables from OBUZI are graceful and are available in different designs. The modern HayFay dining tables with the characteristic OBUZI leg design adds an interesting visual element to the dining room. It brings a certain edginess and a unique character to any home. The rustic dining tables from the Blacksea collection however, contribute to an easy-living atmosphere where the rustic and raw expression brings a unique freshness to any home. Combine the HayFay dining table with dining chairs from the same collection, or select a Zaydi dining table with Zenia sideboard complete the décor of your home. If you prefer a country style that expresses charm and romance, take a look at our Danegeld or Heofon dining tables with a table tops in solid shabby designs and vintage cast iron frames.

It is a good idea if your dining table is large and spacious

The dining table is one of the most important furniture items in the dining room, or perhaps in the entire residence. This is where the whole family gathers for dinner, and it is here that he families hold dinner parties etc. In addition to the dining tables’ design and quality, it's about how big the dining table should be. It is important that there is ample room for all around the dining table. One should be able to sit comfortably and enjoy a meal together with the family every night. It's always a good idea if there is room for extra people at the table when you or the family have friends over for a visit. Remember that large furniture should have more space and air around them, while smaller furniture does not require as much air. In other words, the proportions should match.

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