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Bar Stools

Quality Bar stools for Bar, Café or Restaurant

The design is Authentic and Refined

Decorate your café, bar or restaurant with bar stools from OBUZI. The distinctive funky look with cycle parts, warm inviting colors of wooden seats or premium Buffallo leather combined with iron legs in antique finish, adds a touch of industrial style. OBUZI offers customized bar stools for Cafes, Bars and the like.

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The Cylox: It combines functionality with creativity. It is made with cycle parts but are yet still comfortable to sit on. With premium Buffalo leather seats, it makes as an excellent choice for your bar.

The Boi: This rustic bar stool has an adjustable seat so the height can be increased according to your needs. It is a classic barstool design but the Acacia wood gives it a cool and distinctive effect.

The HeofnX bar stool is a cool barstool with iron base support at the bottom, the intricate design in which the iron is made makes it a very edgy design. It is available with leather and wooden seats.

The Heofon ba rstool is similar to the HeofonX . It is simpler in its cast iron design yet it is beautiful. The hammer barstool is for those seeking comfort at a bar. With a back and acting like a chair it has an appeal of its own. It has an interesting iron leg support which makes it look charming.

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