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About us

Welcome to OBUZI, a Danish based interior design & furniture company focusing on high quality & eco-friendly design items. OBUZI presents smooth & exclusive furniture, interior and décor designs, which maintain the natural and raw look - of high quality materials.
At OBUZI, we create interior items from pure hardwood, sourced from sustainably managed forests, promoting ecologically responsible design.

Our brand is characterized by high-quality and sustainable materials. We strive to design and create affordable and beautiful quality products that will define the future of our brand.
OBUZI furniture is expertly crafted of solid, sustainable hardwoods for years of lasting beauty.
Target Market

We believe that there is no alternative to sustainable development. OBUZI designs are made to fit the general middle class and upper middle class households. We target customers who value aesthetic appeal and appreciate eco-friendly materials without sacrificing quality or design.

At OBUZI, our organization as well as our business setup enables us to offer our customers and clients sustainable & high quality products at competitive prices combined with a high level of supply security and efficient service.
Furniture Collection

Our product portfolio consists mainly of dining and living room ranges produced from a selection of high-quality and eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed Teak Wood, Mango Wood, Indian Rosewood, Acacia, Oak and Iron. We constantly strive to develop our ranges and in doing so, we use new materials and finishes in order to meet new trends and developments within our markets.

Our vision is to enlighten all people to the concept of sustainable furniture and its viability in multiple environments.
We strive to implement sustainable materials where applicable

Sustainability is the key driver of innovation.

The founders of the Danish interior & fashion house OBUZI, believe that sustainability nowadays is the key driver of innovation, and that being environmentally friendly does not have to result in eroding competitiveness.

Promising natural and high-quality designs, OBUZI is placing its varied portfolio - all of which are comprised of reclaimed and sustainable materials - before customers who value aesthetic appeal and appreciate eco-friendly materials, yet are not wishing to sacrifice quality or design.

The products express a mix of rustic design and a contemporary feel, with inherent functionality, aesthetic appeal and quality. The company's Contemporary Loft Design selection, ''NewYork,'' has been well received as an increasing number of customers value its smooth design, industrial look and natural materials. The style is characterized by a mixture of raw and modern looks, with pieces made from solid Indian Rosewood, reclaimed Teak Wood, Mango, Acacia and various styles of regenerated iron frames.
No alternative to sustainable development

CEO Alen Hrustic says:

"In contrast to the past, sustainability is now the key driver of innovation, and I see no alternative to sustainable development. We thrive on creating different designs than what you usually see in the market. Our goal is to create beautiful, functional and innovative products made of high-quality materials. It is sustainable furniture made with care for people and the environment. Our products are inspired by the slightly raw look, but are made in a stylish design, which makes them all the more personal."
In addition to the standard sizes, OBUZI offers customization on all its furniture according to individual specifications